Do you feel it? Those intense cravings for something decadent and the lethargy that spreads throughout your body?

It’s usually during winter when we can’t help but overindulge in delicious junk food and waste away on a couch, warmly wrapped in a thick blanket in front of the TV.

Trust me, I’ve been there. We all have!

There’s something therapeutic about rainy and snowy days. It makes even the toughest of people give in to their cravings.

Let’s not allow another winter to come along and spoil all the progress we’ve made to build a lean, mean and sexy machine! No, no, no!

With that being said, I put on the good ol’ detectives cap and started investigating ways in which we can maintain or improve our bodies during this dreadfully romantic time.

1. Curb Your Cravings With Warm Healthy Drinks

I know that those delicious latte’s and cappuccinos are calling your name during the sad and cold winter days but those drinks are usually packed with sugar and calories.

One of the easiest ways to pack on the pounds and surpass your caloric intake is by drinking too many high-calorie drinks and they don’t even satisfy your hunger!

Instead, opt for beverages which are low in calories but high in antioxidants and nutrients like green tea, rooibos, matcha, organic coffee and chicory.

2. Opt For Yoga And Weightlifting Inplace Of Cardio

One of the hardest things for me to do during winter is cardio. Just the amount of effort and movement involved turns me off and my joints tend to be incredibly tight.

I thought about it and realized that instead of using the winter season to lose weight through cardio, it makes more sense to lift weights or improve flexibility and core strength with yoga!

Start with 30-minute sessions every alternate day and focus on tightening, strengthening and toning your body. When summer strolls in, you’ll look a hell of a lot more solid and when you shed more fat, you’ll look absolutely amazing!

3. Don’t Listen To Negative Emotions

Despite thoughts of lethargy and weakness that crawl into my brain during cold days, I always stick to my goal regardless of how challenging they feel on that particular day.

I do this because I want to reconfigure or rewire my actions to match that of my rational thoughts rather than my emotions.

Just because I feel like crawling in bed and binge eating junk food all day doesn’t mean I should. Winter is no excuse for being weak.

Which is why, when you find yourself motivated to cheat on your goals and habits, opt to embrace the challenge and overcome it by ignoring your negative feelings and staying on track.

4. Opt For A Ketogenic Diet During Winter

The ketogenic diet, as many of you would know, favors large amounts of healthy fats, moderate amounts of protein and ridiculously low amounts of carbohydrates on a consistent basis.

It is arguably the most popular and talked about diet of late 2017 and now 2018 but for good reasons.

Essentially, the ketogenic diet aims to make the body opt to use ketones for energy instead of glucose.

To acquire ketones, the body breaks down and converts fat for energy, especially when glucose levels are at an all-time low. This is essentially known as entering a state of ketosis.

Does it work?


As long as you’re consuming healthy fats, you could very well benefit from this diet tremendously.

Given that it’s also a low carbohydrate diet, it makes sense why people get phenomenal results from the ketogenic diet because you can easily eat in a caloric deficit.

5. Practice Intermittent Fasting

If there is one technique for controlling your appetite, burning fat and eating large meals, hands down it would have to be intermittent fasting!

All you have to do is delay your first meal of the day until you’ve fasted for at least 16 hours. Then, you may consume all your calories within an 8-hour window before fasting again.

Alternately, you can try a 20 hour fast with a 4-hour feasting window which, from personal experience, works insanely well!

Wrapping It Up

Who says that we have to settle for getting fat and out of shape during the cold winter months! If you were to follow this system, I strongly believe you could look absolutely phenomenal by the time summer hits your side of the world.

Start by dialing in your nutrition and collecting a list of recipes that are warm and satiating but low in calories and sugar.

Then, redesign your workout routine to encompass more strength and conditioning rather than cardio for those days when it’s too cold and you feel far too tight to be extremely agile or fast.

Intermittent fast when you can and simply shrug off those weak and limiting thoughts when they strike because you are on a mission and nothing will stop you from attaining your dream body.

Let’s build the best bodies and best lives we possibly can!

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