I have a confession to make – I’ve put on weight.

Not just a pound or two! I’m actually 2 pants sizes larger now and it sucks because those few inches make it impossible for me to wear most of my outfits.

Like most people, I tend to store fat around my lower stomach very quickly. Curse these damn love handles! In clothes, I don’t look overweight at all. By my standards, however, I’m out of shape and fat. There’s a chunky roll around my waist that has to go!

Thankfully, I have ample experience with weight loss given that I shed over 40 pounds of weight a few years ago. It was far from easy and I made a ton of mistakes at first. But, I zoned in on the main techniques that work amazingly and very quickly.

I’m planning on slimming down in 60 days and dropping about 10 pounds of weight! I could lose more but I don’t want to rush the process and burn muscle mass.

With that being said folks, how about we jump straight into this 60 day weight loss protocol. On a side note, if you want to join me, comment below and we’ll embark on this next 60 days together. It’s going to be epic!

Step 1: Clean Up The Diet

Say goodbye to sweets, chocolates, fried foods, cakes and high caloric foods because this protocol relies heavily on clean eating.

What you eat becomes a part of you.

Junk food becomes a part of you in an unhealthy fattening way whereas vegetables, healthy meats, fruits, nuts and seeds become a part of your lean, mean and sexy machine.

I’ve realized that grains, especially white rice and flour, convert to sugar at an alarming rate. You won’t lose weight effectively with high amounts of insulin in your body. Which is why I’m resorting to a majorly paleo diet.

Grains are generally caloric dense so if I’m not meticulous, those calories pile on very quickly. To ensure that I’m in a caloric deficit, I’d rather stay on a paleo diet for the next 60 days.

Step 2: Jump Rope 5 Times A Week

Nothing burns more calories than jumping rope with maximum effort. It’s crazy because you can burn up to 1074 calories in an hour and yet people waste their time on an elliptical trainer walking for hours and not burning many calories. (Talk about going nowhere slowly, am I right?)

Since incorporating jump rope into my regimen, I noticed that my weight remained stagnant despite eating massive amounts of junk food on a daily basis!

That’s how effective jump rope workouts are!

I don’t have the time or patience to jump rope for one hour a day which is why 30 minutes is more than enough for me.

If you’d like to follow my jump rope workout plan, check out this article.

Step 3: Intermittent Fasting

I love intermittent fasting! Honestly, it works so fast and it doesn’t cost you a cent!

By now, 99% of the world knows what intermittent fasting is but if you belong to the 1% who doesn’t, here’s a quick explanation.

Intermittent fasting is a protocol wherein an individual fasts for an extended period of time without consuming any caloric foods or beverages. After a period of 16 to 20 hours, you may break the fast and consume food within the allocated window – 8 to 4 hours depending on how long you fasted.

Essentially, after the 12-hour mark, the body is empty of glucose thus nullifying the need for much insulin. Due to a lack of glucose, your body can burn fat as a source of energy, thus promoting fat loss!


During your fast, you are allowed to consume no-calorie beverages like water, green tea and coffee (unsweetened and without milk or cream).

I’m going to fast for 6 days a week because I find myself more alert in the mornings without food. I do, however, supplement with omega 3 fish oil capsules and drink loads of green tea in the morning.

Once you intermittently fast for 2 weeks, it becomes so easy to perform and you lose the desire to consume food in the morning. It really is the one true ‘secret sauce’ to the recipe of weight loss.

Step 4: Be Consistent And Persistent

In life, I have learned that change can be effected immediately but results take time to occur. It won’t take a day or even a month for you to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

You have to put in the work on a daily basis, be consistent with the diet and exercise, include a refeed into your plan once a week to keep your metabolism revving on all cylinders and just be persistent.

It didn’t take you a day to put on all this weight and it most certainly won’t take you a day to burn it off.

I want you to remember one solid piece of advice, time will pass regardless of whether you are consistent or not. Don’t give up on your goal because the results are slow. Would you rather be exactly the same in 60 days time or would you like to transform yourself, even if it takes you all 60 days?

The time will pass irrespective of anything you think or feel. You might as well soldier on, be consistent and persistent even if you have an off day or two.

We’re nearing the end of the year and I want to start the new year with a bang. There’s no better way to do that than to get in shape and start the new year in a way most people don’t, happy and content with the way you look and feel!

I strongly believe in my ability to get this done, do you? Let’s get started right now and celebrate our weight loss success in 60 days. I’ll keep you guys updated at the end of 30 days and then post my results at the end of 60 days.

Believe me, I am extremely thrilled and excited to show you what can be achieved in just 60 days of consistency and persistence.

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