Talking about carbohydrates these days is as good as placing a giant red X on my back because this topic can get really hot and hectic.

But, I’m going to take my shot at it with the hopes of setting you up with something worth thinking about.

Carbs get a bad rap in the fitness and diet world.

I won’t say that I completely agree with the ideas and arguments presented by the groups of people who believe carbs are completely bad for you but I do see some concerning things about this food group.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment, the carbs we consume from traditional stores and enterprises are not what they used to be. Genetic modification, new farming methods, pesticides and chemicals, added fillers and preservatives have completely changed the makeup and status of modern day grains which are used to as the main ingredients in most carbohydrate rich foods.

I’ve written an in depth article about how damaging the Standard American Diet already and you can check that out over here!

To touch on what that article says, modern day foods and/or ingredients have been altered to such an extent that many of us cannot handle to digest them without side effects.

As time goes on, the heavy taxing on our digestive system and organs accumulates until we develop health issues like autoimmune diseases! Eventually, our bodies start to reject these foods.

I believe modern day carbs as a food group plays a pivotal part in the destruction of our digestive system. Guess what? Destroy your digestive system and your body will breakdown.

We are creatures that need to be fueled. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients or phytochemicals, polyphenols and antioxidants are essential to a healthy existence and unfortunately, processed carbs have a way of poking holes into the lining of your gut and hinder the digestion and absorption of the above-mentioned nutrients.

When you are deprived of essential nutrients, it’s only a matter of time before your immune system takes a knock, your basal metabolic rate gets messed up, your focus and physical strength begins to deplete and you experience what most of us dread – WEAKNESS.

What Types Of Carbs Are Good For Consumption?

So, with that being said, one thing I notice most people in the fitness industry agree on is that carbs are never a number 1 factor in any healthy weight loss diet. A high-carb diet for the averagely active human being just doesn’t produce good results in most areas of health and wellness.

But, that’s not to say carbs are completely useless.

The consumption of carbs can go a long way in keeping you satiated (fuller for longer) and giving you a quick and potent dose of energy (converted into glucose) when you really need it.

On a diet that contains a ton of vegetables, healthy meats and dairy, carbs can fuel you to become healthier and stronger. That’s what I truly believe. But, you have to eat fairly clean and avoid or eliminate sugar altogether before carbs become a topic of discussion.

Another problem with carbs is that they are usually high in calories.

If you’re in fairly good shape, muscular and have a high metabolism, carbs aren’t much of a problem for you. For someone out of shape with a low metabolism, carbs are not going to help you maintain a caloric deficit at the end of each day.

This brings us to a pivotal question in this conversation, what sort of Carbs are good and/or bad?

In short, carbs made from grains in their whole, natural and sprouted form are much safer and healthier than processed products. Brown rice and quinoa trumps white rice and alternative flours are much healthier than white flours.

All those breads, buns, rolls, cakes and bagels are doing absolutely nothing for your health besides packing on calories and filling you up with ridiculously high amounts of sugar.

Whereas, grains in their natural forms like rice and oats offer a better nutritional makeup without as many negative effects as processed carb products.


Unlike bad processed carbs, these whole grain and/or sprouted carbs break down easier in the gut, convert to and release energy at a slower pace throughout the day providing you with a steady stream of much-needed energy and actually consist of a nutritional profile that benefits your overall health.

Look, if you have the time, nothing is stopping you from preparing your favorite carb products like bread and buns but with healthier alternatives! How awesome is that?!

Use This Checklist The Next Time You Consider Eating Carbs:

  • Is It Processed Or Natural?
  • Does It Contain Sugar And Artificial Fillers?
  • Were Sprouted Grains, Nuts And Seeds Used?
  • How Fresh Is It?
  • Does It Fit Within My Daily Macro Nutrient Goals?
  • Does It Contain Any Flours That Could Trigger An Autoimmune Response When Consumed?

I like to believe that the choices we make today determine the future we live tomorrow. It can be full of health and prosperity or sickness and depression. Whatever you eat, consider whether or not it fuels you to be the best version of yourself as you can possibly be or if it breaks you down from the inside.

Food is instrumental in how we feel, think and behave on a daily basis. Be sure the food you eat transforms your mind, body and soul in positive and uplifting ways.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found some clarity on the subject. If so, please hit the share button and be sure to subscribe for more articles like this one! 

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the next one! 

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