At the beginning of every year, new year resolutioners set out to make big and drastic changes. I dare you to visit your nearest gym in January and try to get onto any of the cardio machines that are available throughout the year, you’ll wait in a line!

Everyone wants to lose weight, eat healthier, start writing a book and make more money. Those seem to be the top resolutions for most people and I have to admit, they’re awesome.

I can relate to most people because for a few years now, I make a resolution at the beginning of January to finally ‘get a six pack’. The first 2 weeks start off strong but the motivation that carried me for those weeks start to fade.

Why Do Most New Year Resolutions Fail?

Back then, I lacked a very important characteristic needed for success beyond motivation – I needed discipline!

There’s a fine line between routine and discipline. Just because you drink green tea every day doesn’t mean you’re disciplined. At some point, most actions become habits and most habits eventually become routine.

It doesn’t require much convincing for you to do it because every part of your being is used to doing that particular action at a certain time. Discipline plays a very small role in those situations because as far as I’m concerned, discipline holds the most significance when you are challenged and have to make a choice between what you want and what you need.

For me, I need to achieve my goal of getting a six pack but I also want to stuff my face with snickers and gluten-free pizza. Without discipline, it’s easy to sabotage my need for a want.

Only until I got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2015 did I truly master the art of discipline and it brought about wonderful results. In today’s post, however, I want you to start implementing those new years resolutions a month earlier than expected.

Why? Good question! Look, if you lack discipline and have failed consistently at sticking to your new year resolutions, I want you to capitalize on the new year motivation but in a way that radically increases your chance at success.

Motivation is like any emotion you experience – powerful but unreliable.

Unfortunately, motivation alone is not enough to forge a new habit, resolution or routine. Am I right in presuming that every new year resolution you make is triggered by motivation after imagining the results of success?

If you know that motivation gives you about a few weeks of an added advantage in your pursuit for happiness and greatness, instead of wasting it at the beginning of a new resolution or habit, why not tap into the new year resolution just when your mind starts feeding you doubts and desires.

Do you get where I’m going with this?

Starting any goal or resolution is easy for the first few weeks but as time goes on, it gets harder.

By then, you’re already out of motivation because you linked your motivation with the beginning phase of setting a goal and resolution. Instead of falling into the same trap over and over again, why not set yourself up to tap into the new year motivation at the moment when a resolution or goal starts to feel daunting.

Don’t wait until the new year to start on your resolutions, start 3 – 4 weeks in advance!

By the time the new year rolls in and you’re amidst people (everyone, for that matter) who are bursting with motivation for the new year and new beginnings, you would be entering the toughest stage of your resolutions in which case, the motivation you feel from the new year and from everyone around you will enable you to soldier on!

By the time everyone else starts to quit on their new year resolutions, you’d have built up enough momentum and results to carry on and achieve your goals! At that point, a lesson will be learned and it will be completely unintentionally.

That lesson is how to be disciplined.

You’ll witness how simple it is to accomplish new year resolutions and it will open your eyes up to the wonderful benefits of being disciplined. Unlike everyone else, you’ll be accomplishing what they failed at and it will ‘motivate’ you to stay on the right track.

While you’re being disciplined, the results will accumulate and you’ll feel absolutely motivated by it! That’s what awaits you at the end of your new year resolutions.

But, you have to start this year for the new year. This is the trick that you haven’t been told about until now! I know that failure is unavoidable but you should do everything in your power to avoid it! Don’t just allow circumstances to set you up for failure. If you can see it coming, do everything in your power to avoid it because that will propel you to new heights.

So many of us allow circumstances to dictate our actions but that isn’t an ideal way of living. Workaround circumstances and never allow it to hold you back. At the end of the day, you have the power and ability to steer your ship away from dangerous waters. Do so!

I know that this is a health blog but I insist on sharing advice like this because the way you think dictates the kind of health your possess.

Someone who is unafraid of change and motivated to be disciplined is bound to try, build and create a life full of health, wealth and prosperity.

Start by feeding your brain all sorts of healthy advice for growth and development.

This is the best investment you can make. I’ve started on my new year resolutions now, at the end of October. By the time January rolls in, I plan on exploiting the motivation that comes with the new year and I’ll use it to get those sick pack abs I’ve been gunning for.

What are your new year resolutions and goals? Let me know in the comment section below! Also, if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and family.

Wishing you all of the best for the end of 2017 and the new year ahead!

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